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The Dead Bird Blog

TeeFury describes themselves as “a place where you will find amazing tees at amazing prices (and occasionally other non-tee things). It’s pretty simple – one new super limited-edition tee every 24 hours for $9.”

Excellent designs? Check. Limited editions? Check. Ridiculously low prices? CHECK.

Once the shirt sells out, or once it has been up for 24 hours, the shirt disappears and a new design appears!

This blog aims to  chronicle all of the previous shirts that TeeFury has offered, to allow ongoing comments and critiques, since as of now, we can’t see the previous days shirts (yes I know we can on the RSS feed, but even that is limited to the last 7).

I am also tagging all of the shirts/posts with the offered colors so that you can easily go back and see what shirts have been offered on what colors! Too many Silver shirts? Not enough Canary Yellow? We shall see!

If anyone has any suggestions as to what else you would like to see on here, let me know!

This blog is in NO WAY affiliated with TeeFury. This is essentially just a free service for TeeFury addicts to catch up on what they may have missed….or a place to reminisce over past designs.



  1. Thanks for doing this, really like being able to see previous shirts.

  2. any chance of getting reprints?

  3. I would like to do a website layout for your website. A really fancy custom “The dead bird” website layout or wordpress theme. Email me if you are interested. :]

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